The BIG Cash4Phones SCAM

Cash4Phones Scam

With millions of unused phones and smartphones in our drawers, it’s no wonder millions of Brits are using mobile phone recycling companies to cash in old phones to purchase the latest tech.

I personally have used phone recycling companies a number of times, including Mazuma and Envirofone. Both of these companies in my experience were perfect. They did exactly what it said on the tin. Send the phone to the company free-post, wait for valuation, accept the valuation and get paid within a few days. Bish, bash, bosh.

My latest dealing with a phone recycling company was with Cash4Phones UK. I saw them on a comparison site and I was offered £160 for my HTC One X, where other sites were offering around £110-£130.

I have to say, that I am party to blame for what happened next, as I simply didn’t do the research on this company. If I had typed ‘Cash4Phones‘, ‘Cash4Phones Review‘ into Google, I would have been presented with enough evidence to completely rule out the use of this company. The reviews on reputable sites such as TrustPilot & Review Centre show how cunning and manipulative this company is. The fact that an article in the Daily Record appears on the front page of Google Search shows just how many complaints are being made.

I sent my smartphone by recorded mail on the 11th May. I checked on Monday 13th May on Royal Mail’s package tracker and the item had in fact been received and signed for that day. I assumed that this was going to be a pretty quick turn-around.

It was a further two days (15th May) before Cash4Phones acknowledged that they had received the phone, even though I know they received it on the 13th (Royal Mail Confirmation). Unlike 100′s of other people on Twitter, I was actually offered the full amount (£160) for my phone, and swiftly accepted the offer.

I assumed that I would receive my payment by the end of that week, as I had done many times with Mazuma and Envirofone. After all, most payments nowadays that are sent during the business day, are received the same working day in the UK. This was not to be the case here. I received a further email on the 18th May to say my payment had been processed. (See below for transcript of email).

You’ll be pleased to know that we have made a bank transfer of £160.00 in to your bank account number ending xxxx7900 towards the payment of your mobile(s). You should receive this amount in your account in the next 3 to 5 days, however in really busy periods it may take longer.
Please allow 7 to 10 working days from the date of this e-mail before contacting us if funds don’t reach your account.

We endeavour to operate a prompt and efficient process and hope you are pleased with the way we have dealt with your order.

If you are happy with the service you have received then please feel free to recommend us to your friends, relatives or colleagues.

We are always striving to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and appreciate any comments whether good or bad.

Once again, thank you for choosing us and we hope you use us again when your next phone is ready to be recycled.

Kind regards,
The Management Team

I was not concerned at this stage, as 3 to 5 days meant I would surely receive it between the next Monday to Friday. I waited patiently and was checking my account on a daily basis for the money to arrive. Friday 24th May arrived and nothing. I decided to wait until the following Monday as it did state to wait up to 10 working days in busy periods. I rang them on Monday 27th May and asked where the money was. I was told that the money had been passed to account on the 18th May, that it may just be a “busy period”, and that the latest I would receive it would be Friday 31st May.

31st May arrived… and no money in my account. As you can imagine, my patience with these people were getting thin, and it was also costing me money to call their 0845 number. This time I got through to “Michelle”. She began by telling me it had been passed to account on the 18th May. I asked why the money was still not in my account, and at one point she asked me “Was it a cheque or bank transfer”! She then proceeded to tell me I would have to wait 10 working days! I told her this was the 10th working day as advised by her previous colleague, who actually just sounded like her but was called “Esther”. She then proceeded to tell me in a very patronising voice, that there was a bank holiday on the 27th, and that would mean I would need to wait until the 3rd June! She also said, and I quote… “Do you want to count with me, I can assure you it’s 10 days”.

Well here we are on the 3rd June 2013, and guess what…. I have no money in my account. I have just come off the phone with my bank, who advised me no payment has arrived. They were very nice and professional to me, after I explained what had happened and the young man even went away for guidance on the matter. He later advised after speaking with a manager, that I should call the Police and the network the phone was purchased on, with the IMEI number, to have it blacklisted. They also advised that I could try to put a claim in for my money with Money Claim Online.

I don’t know if I will ever see my money again, but my advice to you is to stay well away from this company. Even if you get a full “too good to be true” offer, which many people don’t, the chances of getting any money are slim to none.

Have a look at more complaints on Twitter and a nice Twitter account that has been set-up using the Cash4Phones UK name to track all mentions of #Cash4Phones. I can’t see any positive tweets about this company.